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Point of Sales


Point of Sale (POS) terminology is an instant service area where purchase and payment process gets terminated, on the completion of the transaction. All Bill Pay uses modern means of POS through a single software access where all categories of transactions are instantly fulfilled independently and automatically.

Our Point of sale service differs from other users in its characteristic, as our plan design could be easily afforded by all low, medium and high division of business entrepreneurs.

Some matchless attribute of our point of sale criteria include:

  • Speedy Resolution: We answer customer inquiries in a quick session of time, without a delay making customers and clients dissatisfied.
  • Elite Packages: Our starter packages cost lower in comparison to other service suppliers.
  • Available Far and Wide: Whatever your location is, our services and products are just a click away from your reach.
  • No Unseen Charges: The service and product we offer are free from any sort of registration charges or any other complaints.
  • Varieties to Pick: We provide an excellent series of product offers such as Mobile & DataCard recharges, DTH recharges, Ticket bookings, Utility Payments, Insurance Premium and Postpaid Mobile Payments.
  • Easy to Pay: We offer effortless disbursement options to all our clients, to clear an easy payment process without an application of extra effort.