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Mobile Recharge Services

All Bill Pay have taken Your business to the next level....

All Bill Pay has unique features and capabilities to provide flexible top-up services, through a variety of device options at the retail level, be it Internet based PC, Java enabled phones, Normal handsets and Self Service.

Significant and rapidly increasing share of the mobile network operator revenues is collected through our extensive and continuously growing recharge acceptance network consisting of 100,000 plus outlets in India. We are enabling the shift from the outdated and inefficient payment options, which are inconvenient and quite expensive both for network operators, their subscribers as well as lock up huge working capital for the retail outlets.

We offer a Simple, Smart and Secure way to buy products from your current local retail shops. We know that your time is precious. We offer with assurity, a service with which you can Top Up your Phone, Buy your next Meal or even conveniently pay your utility bill all from the palm of your hand. With All Bill Pay you can avail yourself to this service from your local retailer friend for payments anytime, from anywhere to anyone. Online tech support security and irrevocability of transactions based on digital structure. The Mobile Revolution in India is driving the business in big way. The mobile phone users in India are increasing significantly day by day.

Speciality of our Services such as...

  • Integrated Interface: We offer different recharge value options on a single SIM card. No need to maintain any separate account for all different telecom operators for different Top-Up, you may process entire values through a single Wallet only.
  • Available Always: We are available 24x7x365 to serve our customers with best regards for all their requirements. We are not only limited to daily need customers but also offer bulk recharge options for all the new business entrepreneurs.
  • Earn from first day: You are free to start getting the returns of all your investment with us in mobile recharges. There is no requirement of maintaining any larger amount of funds to start business with us.
  • Easy to charge: You would also receive the specialized facilities of electronic transfer or wire transfer, easy online refill of account through bank accounts and much more options to choose just by getting online. To make any kind of future account refill you may simply go towards our webpage or interface and make the necessary acquisition of our products as well as services.
  • Risk free: Once you enter our store for making recharge, you become highly secure with the transaction of yours. There is no such issue of getting cheated with our any kind of false promise, we value your priority.
  • No delay in transaction processing: Our network is free from whatever kind of congestion or any interference. You would immediately get served with your commands, as our express services are exceptional one to use.